Tampa Repertory Theatre
Ybor City, Florida

by Laura Marks

directed by Dan Granke
costume design by Dan Granke
scenic and lighting design by Ryan Finzelber
Bethany deals with the American housing crisis in a heightened, satirical manner in which the lead character, Crystal, finds herself trapped in a cycle of loss which spirals further and further out of control, all in an effort to reclaim custody of her daughter. The director and I worked closely to develop a skeletal world for Crystal which framed her empty, financially (and otherwise) barren world. The biggest challenge laid in the lighting design, as the venue we were working in had only eight fixtures with a capacity for nine. Fortunately, I was able to utilize the sliding-glass door I designed as the key source for the house while also being able to highlight the outside world through the small kitchen window above the sink - the only source of hope offered to Crystal.
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